Dr Parker receives the Chancellor’s Excellence Award

During a ceremony on Wednesday September 27th, 2017, after his state of the University speech, Chancellor Tom George recognized the contributions that five faculty and three staff members made to the University of Missouri St Louis.

One of the recipient is our own Dr. Patricia Parker who received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creativity. This award recognizes the outstanding academic accomplishment of Dr Parker inside and outside the laboratory. Patty is successful academically with almost 200 scientific publications and an international recognition as one of the top scientist in biology and conservation.

Patty is also a brilliant mentor. She is currently supervising half a dozen graduate students conducting research in biology and wildlife conservation in places like the Galapagos islands, Madagascar and Peru. She has and continues to provide guidance and inspiration to each of the 39 students that she has mentored so far and has done so with a passion and enthusiasm second to none. As one of her graduate students, I know that Patty always finds time to discuss ideas, review the draft of a paper, a grant proposal or a presentation, or sometimes, just talk about what is stressing me this week. She inspires us to believe in our abilities and reach our potential to “do good” especially in science and conservation.

The 2017 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creativity that Dr Parker received is well deserved!

Congratulations Patty!

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