Patrick Ross

Research Interests:

I am interested in rainforest community ecology.  To be specific, I am very interested in Madagascar based ecology that involves ecosystem level threats or Eupleridae carnivores. I can say without a doubt that I am committed to contributing to the knowledge and protection of Madagascar’s endangered tropical forests and the endemic life they contain. 

publications and presentations:

Ross, P. H., E. Patel, B. Ferguson, R. Nandrianina Ravelijaona, G. I. Raoloniana, E. Wampole, B. D. Gerber, & Z. J. Farris. 2020. Assessment of the threatened carnivore community in the recently expanded rainforest protected area Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve, Madagascar. Endangered Species Research 43:89-98.

Madagascar’s Missing Carnivores: New Surveys and Estimates for Four Rainforest Protected Areas.
ZJ Farris, P Ross, BP Semel, RJ Rafaliarison – American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society 2019 …, 2019